Heartfelt Echoes in a Digital Womb

Album Release March 19th 2021

Album Release for Athron: Heartfelt Echoes in Digital Womb: 10 Min 10 Songs

What is it?

A unique concept album. Ten minutes. Ten songs. Each one minute in length. Followed by the release of animated music video stories. An experiment with new ways of storytelling, creatively pushing traditional conventions of song-writing expression & music production.

What’s the Reason?

In today’s social media climate, clickbait information challenges artists to capture their audience’s attention in a single moment. Often, this leads to gimmicks compromising the value of the work while diminishing the true representation of the artist. To challenge this, these one-minute songs carry broader and deeper emotional journeys than the limiting time parameters they are bound to.

What’s the Concept?

In the isolating time of a world health pandemic, the internet has challenged us all with its own digital virus. Extorting our need for connection with the greater world, we are afflicted with a fractured and divided onslaught of misinformation, unrealistic expectations, and consumerist proclamations. The very thing we reached for to remain within a community, has divided us both individually and as a whole. With this though, comes a simple reminder; the need to unplug, release our lives from the validating grip of social media, and fall back into the warm arms of organic conversations and heart-to-heart understanding. ‘Heartfelt Echoes in a Digital Womb’ carries us through this journey. From the electronic screams of a world gone mad to the soft acoustic lullaby of a simple lover’s song.

“Give yourself ten minutes, turn up the volume, close your eyes and listen to this interpretation of our times. I hope it connects, and we find each other again. Somewhere within the crowded lanes of the information super-highway.” – Athron

What’s the vibe?

Old folk with dark, non-conformist, reimagined neo-rock (think Rodriguez meets Radiohead). Athron’s lyrics are rooted in universal themes of today’s thirst to feel known and loved against the backdrop of a technology-saturated world. Isolated in the digital matrix, our affection, addiction & obsession for relevancy and to be ‘seen’ brings forward moody juxtaposition.

What’s the aim?

To draw people into an emotional reflection of their own personal stories, while bringing a sense of peace and vindication. That we are not all lost behind screens and binary codes. That our intrinsically artistic selves will always find each other within art, expression, and harmonic creativity. This album also aims to inspire musicians and creatives to think outside the box and challenge conventional norms.

A World First. The First Ten Minute Album Ever Made. 10 One Minute Songs

Who’s Involved?


Athron is an Australian/American singer-songwriter based in Bali, performing over 200 shows a year, collaborating, writing, and recording with various projects, and touring annually throughout SE Asia, Australia, Japan, and the USA. Releasing music through bands including ‘Bullet & Cass,’ and ‘Damn Meddling Kids,’ this is Athron’s third solo album release.


Multi-instrumentalist Andreas Arianto has produced and engineered rock to pop acts, composed and conducted symphony orchestras, and written scores for major motion films and TV. In 2008, he was orchestrator and conductor for Indonesia’s biggest rock band, SLANK’s six-city tour. His composition and production are credited to artists including The Dead Bachelors, Ungu, Asteriska (Barasuara), Budapest Scoring Orchestra, and The Raid 2 movie.


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Writing: Songs by Athron and Andreas Arianto
Vocals: Athron
Guitars: Athron and Andreas Arianto
Keys, fx, sound design: Andreas Arianto
Engineer: Andreas Arianto
Mixing: Moko Aguswan and Rex Dio
Mastering: Moko Aguswan
Artwork: Athron


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.athron.net/
YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/athronmusic
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TWITTER: @athron77
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Email: info@athron.net
HP/ Whatsapp: +62 81337135004