In the bloggining…

It’s kicked off. I’ve cracked off. An acoustic tour lined up in the USA lined up and locked in. Two good mates joining me to road trip the f*&k out of as many cliched map names as possible. From Manhattan to California with my guitar and loop pedals on board and then onward, upward, downward and a lot of sideways. Up for anything that bends us out of shape in Mexico, Central and South America. It’s all on the cards and I’m aching to fill my skin and soul with as many weird and wacked out experiences as possible.

So I’ll be smashing out the blogs along the way. Venting, ranting, recording, sharing. For any friends that want to follow the journey and for my own memory’s sake, putting my fingers to the keyboard will be a priority.

If you do decide to give my stories a peek, my only word of warning is that I’m going filter free on the experiences. A recent horrendous split from a 5 year relationship has undoubtedly pushed me into some dark corners and my care factor for editing out the disturbing or less socially accepted parts of the journey ahead has dropped to an all time low.

I’d love you to join me. I’ll make it interesting. I’ll do my best to keep you entertained. Though you’re a lot luckier than my travel companions Woody and Davo as you can log off at any time!

Right now I’m sitting in a London apartment recovering from a mix of beers, bags, clove cigarettes, 80’s dance music and a bizarre mix of Finnish student conversation and Mephadrone. More to come…

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